Our Team

As passionate advocates of individual rights, we have a team of authorities in human rights law, research and policy, communications, and education with an employment system based on equality, justice, diversity, and inclusion. Meet our team members below:

Mark Jefferson


Mark Jefferson is the founder of illuminati-order.com and an ardent reader of Adam Weishaupt’s works. Moreover, he has written many publications about individual rights and has led many minority advocacy clubs. Mark has also taught courses at Princeton University and Standford Law School. He also works on local and national policy efforts and delivers training and trips to promote our work.

Amanda George


Amanda George has never been prouder of her work like she is now. Working as the chairperson of Illuminati-order, she leads our advocacy team and ensures that the group competently tackles our foremost issues, including facilitating equality throughout the society. Moreover, as a graduate of Criminal Justice, she has worked with various human rights bodies, including the Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD). Amanda has tremendous experience working in developing nations.  

Carter Philips

Deputy ChairPerson

Carter Philips is a Doctor of Philosophy from the University of Canterbury and belongs to our senior leadership team serving as our deputy chairperson. In that capacity, she handles teaching tasks to ensure equality and happiness across society. To help our organization achieve its goal of replacing Christianity with reasoning, she holds various public speaking programs on individual rights across different states and countries.

David Gregory

Senior Researcher

David Gregory is a senior researcher with the illuminati-order.com. He conducts research and educates the community on the rights of minorities and the importance of promoting individual rights. He focuses on cases affecting women, trans people, and people of color. David Gregory also brings to our organization his experience assessing and clamoring for justice for gender-based violence victims. 

Lydia Thomas


Lydia Thomas is a member of the Illuminati-order and has been instrumental in building resources to support our mission. Lydia graduated summa cum laude from the University of Michigan with a B.sc. in Political Science and a Masters in Public Relations.

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