Human Rights Advocacy: The Voice of the People


March 27, 2020

a democratic and multiparty form of leadership, there are two opposing sides.
The opposition party monitors the work of the leading party. At times the
issues are sensitive to the point that the government of the day uses the gun to maintain peace.

most cases, politics take center stage even if the matter is of importance to
the nation. It is not the only approach that opposition should embrace.
Democracy accommodates the views of the advocacy group. Human rights advocates
have the upper hand in the Democratic world. It is the best approach to
articulate and solve issues.

A case study involves a company in Tanzania that subjected its employees to danger by failing to provide protective gear to their employees. Labour organizations and human rights activists came up to fight for their rights through a consultative meeting to safeguard them from harmful substances.

of the Human rights as gazetted by the
United Nations

  • Right to worship
  • Right to education
  • Freedom of expression
  • Right to movement
  • Right to shelter and accommodation

Freedom of expression is one of the fundamental rights that the human rights group takes pride in. They understand that the law allows them to express their views without interference freely.

The role of Human rights advocates

government systems fail to work or instead oppress its citizens, then it is
Human rights groups that come in handy to save the nation.

  1. Speaks for the voiceless

can rant on social media pages or the streets, but there is no guarantee that
law enforcers might act on it. Do you know there is power in the people?

the majority of the citizens are not happy about a particular law, then the
human right defenders act as brokers between the government and the citizens.
Public outcry is stronger than members of the Senate or legislative assembly.

rights groups can only be successful when the laws of the land defend them. It
is the reason why it is the first item in every constitution.

  1. Defends the rights of the minority groups

will speak about the injustices for girls in the remote village of the
Republic? They may not even know the right offices to get air their views. This
is the gap that the human rights group fills.

much as there may be social media outcry, someone needs to get an appointment
with the relevant offices and register their disappointment with facts on a
specific issue. At the UN General Assembly in 2018, the Secretary Generals remarks clearly stated that the
Human rights group is the voice of the voiceless.

  1. Overseas the work of the government of the day

said that the government might mean well to its citizens. Some of their
decisions are based on selfish interests-they are politicians. It takes the
guts of a human rights group to sacrifice their time and life to come out and
speak against such decisions.

 As long as there is a vibrant advocacy group
that you cannot compromise, then the government must consult as they make
crucial decisions that govern the country.

its citizens against unfair laws

ideologies are such that you cannot please everyone. As much as this might be
true, but there should be fair to all. Law enforcers might overlook essential
issues now that they make laws in office, yet their effects may interfere with
the normalcy of its citizens.

is upon the NGOs, Civil Society Organizations ( CSOs), and human rights groups
to come out and talk on behalf of everyone. One advantage of human rights
groups is the fact that they always have the support of the people.

it means going to the streets, then the citizens will adhere to this call just
to drive the point home.

  1. Sorts issues on social injustice

acts that jeopardize the dominant population are considered social injustices.
You could think of the social injustice in your country and how human rights
organizations came though against such vices.

is power when we have people ready to sacrifice everything to fight for the
rights of its citizens. It is essential to take caution when doing this great
exercise. Do it within the Acts and Articles of the law.

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