About Us

The Illuminati Order is a republican (of the 18th century) free thought movement that supports scientific reasoning, experimental observation, and the liberation from Christianity dogma. Like Adam Weishaupt, we’re passionate about knowledge and the rationality of belief. Hence, we hold on to his ideas, philosophies, and ideals.

We advocate for a society free of state oppression and upholds the rights of minorities and all individuals.

We’re committed to stimulating widespread knowledge and the approval of the concept of individual rights, which include the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. We also enable the government to defend and execute their individual rights obligations.   

Nonetheless, we must stress that the objectivism philosophy of Ayn Rand isn’t a prerequisite of membership. 

We welcome everyone who defends every person’s rights to pursue life and goals devoid of interference from other people or the government.

With a single message, you can help us promote individual rights and happiness. For inquiries, suggestions, and support for individual rights, please contact us via our phone number or fill the form below: