How Government Can Protect Its People During War

Wartime is a complicated time in a country. There is a sense of dread and uncertainty that encompasses a country and its people. Therefore, during this time of human and machine conflict and human and government conflict, there are times when the government’s decisions can hurt the democratic principles and freedoms of the people.

The best example that comes to mind when talking about this when the during World War II the Government made so many Prisoners of War and in turn taking away their homes, basic human rights and most of all their freedom. In addition, due to this, the United Nations was born to keep governments from carrying out such acts of deprivation against the human race. Here also one can bring in Thomas Hobbes’ Leviathan, where he has described a world with insecurity where the government fails to keep its people and their interest safe from domestic as well as foreign enemies.

The basic idea of having a government is to have someone to protect human rights and uphold the law at all times. They have to provide protection from domestic as well as foreign foes, which undermine the freedom a citizen enjoys. A government can uphold the freedoms of its people in a few ways.
Protecting and providing for the people

The government, through a protector of human rights and freedoms also has the prime responsibility for providing for the people. The government needs to tap into the basic needs of an individual living there and figure out a way to provide the needs. When the government adopts a view of a provider for needs that the individuals cannot fulfill themselves, the government is already looking for improvement in the living conditions and providing for the people.

The basic infrastructure of connectivity and communication become key factors for keeping the nation together. This means both physical travelings means like — roads, railroads, ports, food producing factories, mines, oil refineries, bridges, and telephone connectivity. During the time of war, these kinds of amenities can be handed out to big corporations who will keep these things running while the government can provide for the war.

Training and equipping soldiers with the latest equipment that will help them to protect the citizens of the country better will also gain confidence towards the government. This is very important as this is the very foundation of all the skills needed to produce soldiers. The skills from hitting the bullseye during target shooting to fighting in a war are very important and plays a vital role in a country’s security.

Protecting the Rights of Citizens
Once the basic amenities are taken care of, its time for the government to protect the human rights of the people. Making small and effective pockets of people who have previously served and assisting them with the means to protect their communities. Freedoms such as free speech and freedom of movement have to be ascertained by the government. Thus, in all protecting the human rights of the people and their freedoms should be a great concern for the governments.

During wartime, there are liberties that are taken away from the people. However, it is imperative that the governments uphold the freedoms of the people in a time like this will bring about consciousness and comfort in knowing that their government is not really curbing their way of life while fighting on the battlefront.

War may sometimes be the only answer, however, if the citizens feel protected by the rules and regulation of the government, wartime in a country may not take it back too many years.