8 Ways the Government is Tasked with Citizen Rights Protection

The government is often defined as the rule of the people, for the people and by the people. This definition is often forgotten after citizens have voted, and only part of it is mostly used.

You’ll find that in most countries, especially developing countries, when politicians are looking for votes, they talk like they believe in the whole statement.

But after they have been voted in, the definition turns to a rule of the people by the people. They tend to forget that the government is for the people, and voters have different rights that must be protected.

It’s the government’s role to work as one without segregating part of it to ensure that the country’s goals are met and that it moves forward.

Therefore, citizens’ rights must be obeyed and protected. The following are eight ways the government is tasked with citizen rights protection:

  • Civil rights defense
  • Keeping and protecting law and order
  • Provision of standard education and public awareness
  • Life and property protection
  • Promoting the social wellbeing of citizens
  • Creating and nurturing external relationships with other countries
  • Allowing free democracy and justice
  • Promotion of economic development

Top 8 Roles of the Government in Protecting its Citizens and Catering for their Needs

1. Civil rights defense

The government is responsible for defending the rights of its citizens. Anytime a certain right is violated, the government puts measures in place to curb the problem, as a way of protecting the citizens’ rights.

People’s rights must be obeyed and protected. And, it’s important for the government’s judicial arm to be independent. Leaders can make mistakes, hence the need for the judiciary to be independent. This ensures proper action can be taken against such leaders.

2. Keeping and protecting law and order

The government is mandated to keep the public in undisturbed harmony and peace. Nobody’s rights are to be tampered with. Lack of peace is what mostly leads to the violation of several human rights.

Therefore, the government ascertains that peace is maintained in the country all the time. Government services such as the military, police, and courts help maintain peace and order.

Governments protect the general public and punish law offenders for protecting the rights of citizens.

3. Provision of standard education and public awareness

Knowledge is power. Education is a key factor in steering forward a country. Without it, a country is led to doom. The government ensures that its citizens have access to quality education.

Informed people know what they’re doing and how things should be done. With educated minds in a country, the rights of the citizens cannot be violated anyhow. Quality education also improves the living standards of citizens.

4. Life and property protection

Governments secure their citizens, and any threat to their lives eliminated. The property belonging to citizens must also be protected, whether they’re living within the country or not.

Every citizen is entitled to this right, and the government tasked with the protection of your rights. With this right well-protected, you’re guaranteed satisfaction of the right to own homes and properties, and the right to live without any threats to your life.

5. Promoting the social wellbeing of citizens

Every citizen is entitled to necessary social welfares. The resources should improve citizens’ lives. The country’s wealth must be used for citizens’ good and not benefit a few greedy leaders.

To do this, governments must give way to bodies that audit and offer insights into the government’s conduct.

6. Support and keep external relationships with other countries

The government is tasked with exercising good external relationships with other countries for the good of its people. Good relations with other countries ensure that citizens can enjoy trading rights.

They can also freely visit outside countries, and their rights are protected even when in those countries. Peace among countries ensures that their citizens live in harmony without unnecessary wars that may lead to violation of human rights.

Harmony between countries not only prevents wars but also offers a platform for the countries’ development. When countries develop, their citizens’ lives also improve. The protection of citizens’ right to live and enjoy available resources fairly is guaranteed.

7. Allowing free democracy and justice

The government provides freedom and justice to its people. Every citizen has the right to democracy and opinion. Every government acts towards its citizens should be just, and everybody treated equally without fear or favor.

8. Promotion of economic development

A country whose economy is dwarfed is too unstable to protect its citizens’ rights. The economy dictates the state of the country. Free countries that allow their citizens all their deserved rights experience some real economic growth.

Citizens who are allowed free rights to move and participate in economic activities lead to a country’s development. Therefore, with the aim of developing progressively, countries must fully protect their citizens’ rights.

For instance, citizens have access to funds they can use to start small businesses geared towards economic development.

You can start a business that sells kitchen equipment from different brands, including electric smokers. Your target audience would be people who love to host parties or barbecue in their backyards in summer.


Good governments mean development, while bad governorship only leads to a stagnation in the country’s growth and citizens. Every country has its constitution the rights that its citizens are entitled to.

These rights can’t be broken and must be protected, so each citizen enjoys them without fear. Governments protect citizens and their rights.

5 Water Safety Tips for Human Rights Activists

Water is life, even for human rights activists. As they go on with their advocacy activities, you can’t miss a bottle of water on their hands or bags.

When fighting for environmental preservation awareness, they use water as an example to show the public, correct water usage.

In their homes, water is a priority than electricity. At the office, water dispensers all over are a clear indication of the amount of water they consume in a day.

Lastly, in the washrooms, without water, the public health officers will close the office indefinitely, for it poses health challenges.

With all these crucial water uses, it’s essential to check on the safety of the water at all times.

Having water for consumption is one thing. Its safety is yet something else.

Water safety is in two angles.

  • Water safety while around water sources
  • Water safety in terms of its cleanliness

Water Safety in Terms of its Cleanliness 

1. Use of water softeners

As a human rights activist, you must protect yourself against germs and bacteria from water. Besides, some of the water may contain some minerals which, when consumed in plenty has health challenges.  

One such example is the hard water; the level of impurities may cause yellowing of the teeth.

The mouth is a potent weapon for an activist. Once it’s interfered with, one loses their self-esteem, reducing their productivity levels.

Imagine a world without an activist. The government will selfishly pass bills without taking care of human rights.

They are the voice to the voiceless.

2. Treat water from the source

Water pollution, as a result of the industrial revolution, has made water sources unclean for human consumption as it is.

Therefore, the only way to guarantee safe water for your domestic use is to treat it before it reaches the tap.

Some of the standard treatment procedures include

  • Coagulation
  • Filtration
  • Fluoridation
  • Disinfection
  • PH correction

3. Exercise proper hygiene practices

You may have clean water reaching your human right office, but your level of hygiene is the primary water pollutant giving you water-related illnesses all the time.

Hygiene practices can be official policy, but individuals also need to go the extra mile and practice water safety measures for all users. Here are a few basic hygiene practices

  • Washing hands regularly
  • Closing the taps after use
  • Washing your hands after visiting the toilet

4. Improve sanitation facilities

Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) ensures all offices have sanitation facilities.

That is a plus, as an administrator, how well do you ensure your employees enjoy their time while removing waste products?

Use modern sanitation facilities to ensure proper waste disposal to prevent water pollution.

  • Water safety while around water sources

After a hard day’s work, it’s that time that you need to relax your mind and forget about the hassles of the day.

Swimming is always one activity to help you rejuvenate.

 As a water body, here are some safety tips for practicing to ensure your protection around water sources.

5. Wear a safety jacket while in water

Whether you are a good swimmer or not, always have your lifesaver jacket while around the water sources.

You never know when you can fall, or your mind fails you on swimming practices. The life jacket helps you to float, making it easy to save you.

6. Stay away from water pools

Any stagnant water is a health hazard. As much as from the naked eye, it looks clean water. In case you look at it from a microscope, you will see millions of germs and parasites that cause a health hazard.

If you can’t get health officials to clear it, then stay away from it too.

7. Keep your gadgets while within water sources

Digital technology came with all manner of devices to enhance communication and receiving multimedia content.

While within the water sources, it’s time to relax and leave these gadgets away. Let your family and friends know that its time you can operate them unless it’s a life-saving call.

The devices distract you from concentrating and detecting any danger on your safety. You don’t need it.

8. In case of a fall, relax, breath and float

Accidents and falls are inevitable. You can slip or drawn. Do you know even the best swimmers drown?

Some have medical conditions that can trigger unconsciousness, yet you are underwater.

You need a life skill during this time, first avoid panic, once you panic you get confused and can’t make a wise judgment based on the situation.

Ensure you are in control of your breath with a life jacket; it’s automatic you will float. Raise your hands to show you are in distress; someone will see you and come to your aid.

It is only possible if you are in waters that you can see people.

Water safety is a broad topic; human rights activists are not an exception like other humans.

Whether you are using water for consumption or while around water bodies, you have to practice water safety to save your life.

7 Tips for Women to Express their Individual Rights and Freedom

Women and men worldwide have joined forces to fight for equality, rights, and justice for women. The unprecedented movements range from social media campaigns such as #MeToo and global marches.

Women are raising unified voices in organization for political representation of women, atop fighting against sexual harassment and unequal pay.

The International Women’s Day that occurs on 8th March every year gives every woman a chance to celebrate the rights activist within them.

For instance, in 2018, the theme for the day was “Time is Now: Rural and urban activists changing the lives of women.” Women worldwide came together to celebrate the day and empower the women in their lives.

Women need to express their individual rights and freedom to ensure nobody infringes on them. Here’re a few tips to get you started:

7 Ways Women Can Exercise their Rights and Freedom

1. Raise your voice to be heard

Speak up to advocate for your rights and freedom.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re talking to your family members or friends or engaging with a rights advocacy firm. Just speak out.

When you raise your voice against gender inequality and the infringement of women’s rights, you spread awareness about the matter and eliminate barriers.

For instance, a UN women’s African Ambassador, Jaha Dukureh is an activist behind a leading movement aimed at ending child marriage and the Female Genital Mutilation (FGM).

She began working as a women’s rights activist at the age of 10 only.


First, she spoke against child marriage at that young age. She sneaked into a local TV station to fight against young girls in her community, getting forced into early marriages.

FGM involves cutting off some parts of the female genitalia. It condemns those who undergo the cut to health effects throughout their lives. The act is also greatly associated with early marriages.

2. Support other women

If you’re in professions such as law, you can file court file cases and support women undergoing violence or those who’ve survived it.

Join training on human rights that UNDP/UN Women organizes. Defend the rights of women in a Sharia court responsible for handling family matters under the Personal Law Status associated with:

  • Divorce
  • Marriage
  • Inheritance
  • Child custody

Post-training, you can continue working at your place of work, serving violence survivors at the Center. If you’re in a position to change the lives of other women and make a real difference, no challenge can stop you.

You need the determination to alter and improve the lives of women around you and help them make job searches.

Gender equality is achievable if you support and empower women. Whether you’re working to navigate the legal system or support local female entrepreneurs is up to you.

3. Start or join a conversation trending on social media

Social media campaigns are powerful enough to alter attitudes and create awareness on the rights of women.

Share your stories and re-share other women’s stories to amplify their voices and make a difference. Good examples are the #TimesUp and #MeToo movements in the U.S.

If you aren’t a fan of social media, organize local campaigns to get real discussions started. You can organize a comic con game and send out invitations to women who may be interested.

Check out crossbow reviews to determine the games likely to interest women invited for the event. Aim for total fun while discussing critical issues surrounding women and their rights.

4. Share the workload with colleagues or other family members

Begin empowering women in your own home. Some workload for women include:

  • Caring for children
  • Fetching firewood and water
  • Cleaning the house
  • Cooking
  • Caring for elderly women

Therefore, women are always working, creating no room for paid labor, overtime work, or a combination of unpaid and paid labor.

Unpaid work subsidizes care cost that sustains many families, fills the gap in social services, and supports economies.

Men should recognize the work (domestic work and care) women perform at home and value it. If possible, other family members should step in to offer a helping hand.

Men and women should share unpaid work 50/50 to ensure that everyone gets to rest, feel empowered, work, and thrive.

5. Join leadership and political positions

Women, just like men, have the capacity to run in local elections or support candidates with a proper understanding of the unique needs of women in the community. This would ensure women’s rights get enough support from local leadership.

Understand the essence of women’s leadership to join political positions despite the rhetoric that often blocks women from taking part in public life and politics.

For instance, they say that women lack the skills required to manage communities or run for elections. In some communities, widows aren’t allowed into leadership through rhetoric.

Once you attain a leadership position, inspire other women, and pay attention to their needs and issues around their lives. You can start weekly markets for female vendors and install tapped water to free up their time for other important issues.

6. Create awareness about women’s rights and gender inequality

Information and knowledge is power. Use it to empower the next generation of women.

Empower young women advocates and activists with knowledge about the rights of women. Educate women on their rights for a better future.

Let your kids join school-based programs that offer education on gender equality and women’s rights. This is key to empowering young girls to grow into knowledgeable women. The programs create inter-generational discussions and alter attitudes towards early marriages.

Create a conducive environment at home to support girls’ continued education and study needs, including working on assignments. Creating awareness through education allows girls to know their rights.

Knowledge of women’s rights in your country alone may motivate girls to pursue a career in law. They also learn the essence of sharing the knowledge gained with other girls, especially those who’re less privileged.

If all girls know their rights, they become feminists. This makes it easy for women to join forces against the violence that target the female gender. Even boys should learn about these rights to stand against violence and other offenses against women.

7. Know your rights as a woman

Every woman should know her rights to get the respect she deserves.

Knowledge of your rights gives you access to land and property, including everything else that’s rightfully yours as a woman. It also ensures that nobody infringes on your rights due to failure to know your rights.

Human Rights Advocacy: The Voice of the People

In a democratic and multiparty form of leadership, there are two opposing sides. The opposition party monitors the work of the leading party. At times the issues are sensitive to the point that the government of the day uses the gun to maintain peace.

In most cases, politics take center stage even if the matter is of importance to the nation. It is not the only approach that opposition should embrace. Democracy accommodates the views of the advocacy group. Human rights advocates have the upper hand in the Democratic world. It is the best approach to articulate and solve issues.

A case study involves a company in Tanzania that subjected its employees to danger by failing to provide protective gear to their employees. Labour organizations and human rights activists came up to fight for their rights through a consultative meeting to safeguard them from harmful substances.  

Some of the Human rights as gazetted by the United Nations include

  • Right to worship
  • Right to education
  • Freedom of expression
  • Right to movement
  • Right to shelter and accommodation

Freedom of expression is one of the fundamental rights that the human rights group takes pride in. They understand that the law allows them to express their views without interference freely.

The role of Human rights advocates

When government systems fail to work or instead oppress its citizens, then it is Human rights groups that come in handy to save the nation.

  1. Speaks for the voiceless

You can rant on social media pages or the streets, but there is no guarantee that law enforcers might act on it. Do you know there is power in the people?

When the majority of the citizens are not happy about a particular law, then the human right defenders act as brokers between the government and the citizens. Public outcry is stronger than members of the Senate or legislative assembly.

Human rights groups can only be successful when the laws of the land defend them. It is the reason why it is the first item in every constitution.

  1. Defends the rights of the minority groups

Who will speak about the injustices for girls in the remote village of the Republic? They may not even know the right offices to get air their views. This is the gap that the human rights group fills.

As much as there may be social media outcry, someone needs to get an appointment with the relevant offices and register their disappointment with facts on a specific issue. At the UN General Assembly in 2018, the Secretary Generals remarks clearly stated that the Human rights group is the voice of the voiceless.

  1. Overseas the work of the government of the day

Who said that the government might mean well to its citizens. Some of their decisions are based on selfish interests-they are politicians. It takes the guts of a human rights group to sacrifice their time and life to come out and speak against such decisions.

 As long as there is a vibrant advocacy group that you cannot compromise, then the government must consult as they make crucial decisions that govern the country.

Protects its citizens against unfair laws

Political ideologies are such that you cannot please everyone. As much as this might be true, but there should be fair to all. Law enforcers might overlook essential issues now that they make laws in office, yet their effects may interfere with the normalcy of its citizens.

It is upon the NGOs, Civil Society Organizations ( CSOs), and human rights groups to come out and talk on behalf of everyone. One advantage of human rights groups is the fact that they always have the support of the people.

When it means going to the streets, then the citizens will adhere to this call just to drive the point home.

  1. Sorts issues on social injustice

All acts that jeopardize the dominant population are considered social injustices. You could think of the social injustice in your country and how human rights organizations came though against such vices.

There is power when we have people ready to sacrifice everything to fight for the rights of its citizens. It is essential to take caution when doing this great exercise. Do it within the Acts and Articles of the law.

Weapons in Protecting a Network Organization

Network organizations face security…

challenges both from the physical and the digital environment. This should not be a reason to close down and stay home. Instead, it is time to face the challenge head-on. This is the reason for anti-viruses and security solutions for digital security threats. As for the physical threats then the only option is by investing in a weapon as well as security gadgets. A gun in the vicinity whether a small or a large one; keeps criminals off the premise for it is a threat to their life.

The choice of a gun depends on…

many factors that the gun control unit in that state will undertake due diligence before they give it out. Pathfinder improved weapon finesse is the best option for such an organization. A light weapon pathfinder is also a solution. This means that you have unlimited options when it comes to gun acquisition.

The main reason why people get…

a weapon is to enhance the security and protection of the premises.  The main challenge comes on the process of acquiring the weapon. In some countries, it involves a lot of paperwork, especially for corporate organizations. This is recommended since there is the threat of terrorism that disguise in the name of corporate entities. The moment you have a gun as an organization then you take pride in yourself. The, government will also respect and support your activities for they know you are genuine in your undertakings.

How does the weapon offer security?

The person handling the gun is always safe; even if it is the gateman or the director of the organization. Since the licensed weapon is in the name of the organization then a firm will be contracted to offer security services for the company. Individuals may also have their own way of accessing the gun under the organization but there are many factors to be considered.

What is the best weapon for a network organization?

In case there is an attack then you notice that different weapons have different functions. Individual gun holders have a limitation of the type of weapon to possess; organizations need all types of weapons ranging from the smaller ones to the bigger ones. You only need to understand the training the handlers have to warrant unlimited gun options.

Where can they keep the weapons?

The reason why there are strict measures in gun control is the fact that they are prone to abuse which can pose a big security challenge. The security department must design a specific area where the weapons are stored and have an internal mechanism of issuing and receiving them to make everyone accountable in case of anything.

Network organizations have the right of accessing guns either as individuals or as a company just to keep criminals at bay. Besides, they need to liaise with the gun control unit of the state to ensure the correct people have necessary training to manage and handle the guns. A high influx and exit of employees may be a hindrance to undertake this training. It is advisable to contract a security firm to deal with matters security for your organization. They have the right equipment and skills to enhance the security of the organization and its personnel whether within the premise or in the field on work-related assignment.

The Philosophy of Best Home Whole House Filtration System

What Is A Whole House Water Filter?

As the name recommends, this kind of water purification framework is intended to channel the water supplying of the whole home, paying little attention to whether your washroom or kitchen.

You might be acquainted with the term Purpose of Entry framework which is actually what an entire home water filtration framework is as your mains water supply is separated when it enters your property instead of at the purpose of utilization (for example a fixture) likewise with different types of the water channel.

Purchasing an entire house water filtration framework is a standout amongst the best things you can accomplish for the long haul solace and strength of your family. Entire house water filtration frameworks evacuate the requirement for continually utilizing new ledge or fridge channels to clean your drinking water and furthermore makes an extraordinary option in contrast to fixture based filtration frameworks.

Furthermore, they work for your drinking water, yet for all the water your family and machines use Subsequently, they additionally fundamentally improve your shower involvement, since chlorine vanishes with shower steam and heated water and is anything but difficult to breathe in expansive amounts.

Be that as it may, how can one approach picking a house water filtration framework? Aren’t there an excessive number of interesting points? All things considered, there are many factors, truly, however for your benefit, beneath we’ve investigated the absolute best entire house water channels we could discover available at this moment. On the off chance that you need to give the best water to your family, look at them!

Entire House Water Filter System Buying Guide

Entire house water channels are apparently the most ideal approach to guarantee that the majority of the water that you use inside your house is sheltered. A large number of us brush teeth using unfiltered water our washroom bowls, yet wouldn’t it be advisable if that wellspring of water is perfect just like the water you normally use for cooking and drinking? What’s more, those individuals with skin objections could even remain to profit by the utilization of sifted water in the shower, shower and when washing garments — evacuating a great part of the contaminants and less valuable minerals that can dry skin out

The inquiry you should now ask yourself is a durable unit as well as dependable product to enhance a prolonged service at home. Purchasing guide is necessary, it guides you to get the ideal whole house water channel for your necessities.

Entire Home Filter Pros

  • Filtration Quality. This kind of water channel is as well as can be expected purchase, giving a proficient method to you and your family to appreciate water of the most elevated quality.
  • Filtration Speed. Because of their inclination, entire house frameworks will channel more water at a quicker rate than some other sort of channel.
  • Convenience. Essentially set and overlook – considerably more helpful than a water channel pitcher or purchasing filtered water Once introduced, you won’t have to contact your cleansing framework until the carbon channels require supplanting.

The Important Role That Welding Helmets Played in Nation Building

Nation building as we know it is not a one-day event or rather a one-day occurrence. It’s a long process, and in every process, there are stages involved; stages of growth which may at times tend to be sluggish exponential. It’s a process of economic growth and social growth which go hand in hand at all times.

The first industrial revolution took place in the mid of the 18th century and was characterized by increased agricultural activities which was understandably necessary brought about by advances in science as well as the booming population. However the turning point came when wind power was substituted by steam power. This led to the growth of the manufacturing industry due to the shifted attention to new and better economic opportunities rather than focusing solely on agriculture.

This saw early industries shift their attention to railway building and development which would help in the conveying of people and goods from one point to another. Agriculture was easier than it was in the previous years because some of the small industries that did exist at that time did manufacture farm tools and other metal goods. The first world war did greatly accelerate the second industrial revolution in Canada as the existing industries did manufacture arms in a bid by the state to support the war.

In the second phase, small industries were restructured and they no longer were small-scale but large-scale factories whose main focus was rail, steel works mass automotive production. The steelworks manufacturing industry changed the structure of society. The United States was again at the forefront where all these economic activities took place.

During these economic times (1950s-1970s) there were labor movements that advocated for the rights of a worker working in the steelworks industry, as a result, the welding helmet was born. The coming of the welding helmet motivated workers as their working conditions did improve. This was the post-industrial age and it was at its very best, and new nations were not only manufacturing cars, steel products but also airplanes. The coming of the welding helmet created an economic opportunity for investors to develop welding helmets which they would supply to tens of steel works industries.

In this modern day, welding helmet manufacturing industries have had to do things differently in terms of welding helmet designs and added precautionary features. The modern-day welding helmet is very advanced; it has an LCD viewing screen which darkens upon too much light and thus it protects welders from bright light so as not to impair their vision. Check out http://www.bestweldinghelmet.review/220v-110v-mig-welders/ for more information.

As of today, highly industrialized countries such as Japan, Germany and the United States of America have led in the manufacturing industry, with continued automotive manufacturing airplane manufacturing and steel works as well. Steelworks industries have generated revenue worth billions of dollars and much more growth is expected in the coming decades as automation of work or tasks in the industry has spurred more growth which has continually increased production in the steel industry sector.

Indeed industrialization has been a partner in nation building and we owe a lot to welding helmets for this, as we continue moving for ward into the 21st century.

5 Most Important Individual Rights You Should Know

There are numerous rights that could be viewed as basic in a just state. Five noteworthy rights are the right to speak freely, the privilege to a reasonable and open trial that is “lethal weapon tv show canceled”, the privilege to due process, the privilege to vote uninhibitedly, and the privilege to revere unreservedly. Governments that don’t guarantee at least one of these rights are not generally viewed as law based.

The right to speak freely and articulation
The most crucial right that all subjects must have in a majority rule state is simply the privilege to express and one’s assessments. This sustains into the obligation of metro ethicalness and essential fundamentals of citizenship. It produces sound and resonates sound when somebody talks through it This is like how to vote based system capacities: When there is voice, everybody benefits in a vote based system.

The privilege to a reasonable trial
Another crucial right that an equitable state must secure is the privilege of subjects to appreciate a lawful procedure that is simple and reasonable. Positively, the obligation this advances our confidence in the legal framework. This is like a chain hook weapon of all other rights because people who have offended the state or anyone is given a chance to be on a trial before being judged of a crime. the lawful framework separates or endures an absence of confidence with respect to its nationals, a noteworthy hit to the framework is felt and its authenticity is addressed.

The privilege to a free and unperturbed media
Democracy just capacities viably when its natives are offered access to data and are legitimately educated about the undertakings of its administration. This straightforwardness is given by a free and open press.

The privilege to vote uninhibitedly out in the open and open races
The obligation of city excellence is a fundamental segment for popular government. A majority rule government can just capacity when however any individuals as could be expected under the circumstances can take an interest in the discretionary procedure. The vote or a polling booth would be the realistic picture the speak to this.

The privilege to love religion in a free setting
This is an intriguing and convincing one for me. Vote based system functions admirably when the greater part of its nationals feel that they can have some authoritative reach that is free from outer control. The issue of religion is one that falls into this class. Individuals need to feel some level of otherworldly satisfaction and should have the capacity to pick unreservedly how that way is taken. It can be through religion, otherworldly existence, or identification with a code of respect that is comprehended by them and only them. For whatever length of time that this privilege does not meddle with another’s entitlement to be allowed to sit unbothered, the equitable duty of resilience and acknowledgment is progressed and this is of basic significance in a vote based state. More prominent profound satisfaction yields residents that can feel that they are spoken to in the law based process.