After nearly 250 years, and following intense and lengthy debate, the Illuminati Order has decided to publicly abandon the Illuminati name.

This website was created in an effort to reclaim the Illuminati name from conspiracy theorists and others not cognizant of the true nature and purpose of the IO. But alas, it was too late.

More than a decade has passed since the IO established an Internet presence and the situation has only worsened. Most people have refused to believe what the IO said about itself. They preferred to believe the lies that continue to permeate the World Wide Web. It is now the official opinion of the IO leadership that the name is irretrievably lost to the ignorant masses and the weak, whining morons that want unearned wealth and fame. To the latter, the IO never has and never will support moochers and looters!

Henceforth, the IO will continue under a completely different name. Those with eyes to see, a mind open to the truth and a heart attuned to the same purpose will find it. They always have.

Carpe lucem!

Are you a member who has lost contact with the IO?

If you are an IO member and have lost contact with your assigned mentor or personal contact, you may re-establish contact by writing to Membership at this domain or by finding the new organization and contacting Membership there.

Please note: This is the only official "Illuminati Order" domain remaining. Do not try to re-establish contact through any other Illuminati-related website. Any other Illuminati site you find is either a fake or run by a different organization. The IO does not have a page on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

The Illuminati Order has evolved!